About Our Company

About Us

Aztar Union had been incorporated in year 1990, running successively for more than twenty years, begun his journey in 1989 and later founded the corporation by non-other than stepping stone magnate Mr Syed Taruj Ahmed. A remarkable and dynamic personality who had vast experience in dealing with the properties and legal rights has now immersed his line of business into trading of Gold and Silver. His determined aim to boom in the market and vision of good future prospect has made him to be the prominent face of today’s emerging business man.

Under the umbrella of Aztar Union, he runs parallel the functioning of media press & publication, capital investment and corporate advisory management services. The main companies constructed within his parenting organization are Gold Sikka, Matfield, Real Estate Bulletin and Reract.

Since its inception, we pitched and closed many property dealings while finalizing significant deals at both domestic and corporate level. The expectations of the consumer or buyer are highly taken care of- Like the desired location, genuine property papers, and safe heaven place with zero percent tolerance of outsiders, implementation of investment plan schemes and affordable housing prices. Recently amended real estate regulation and development (REREA) act 2016 inside the parliament had overall benefited a lot to the chain of people who were associated with this business from a longer time. It also helped us achieve the customer satisfaction while allowing us to meticulously follow certain rules of regulatory.

Aztar Group has straightened their adaptability towards the promotion and advertisement of real estate property through Real Estate Bulletin publication house. So with the help of this magazine, Aztar Group maintains the reliability and trust of its buyers and sellers. Anyone interested to invest into commercial space or any individual who owns some amount of money but unable to buy a residential property with a huge hefty price, then the peer-to-peer lending option could be viable. How does this peer-to-peer works? How can a common man benefit from such scheme? Answer is very simple! It brings the two parties into one bigger picture enabling to lend and borrow the monetary without the involvement of Banking and finance sectors. This becomes less risky factor to the lenders to pay for the higher interest rates applied by the banks.