Career opportunities at AZTAR

At AZTAR, we are seeking an increasing number of new associates in all our fields of operations ranging from research, development and marketing to back office operations. At AZTAR, we aim to select the right person for the job and create a distinctive environment for them to learn, experiment and grow.

This is based on our unique 3 pillars to a successful career.

1. Growth Path
2.Leadership development
3.Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

1. Growth Path

Professional Growth: There is a clear roadmap to progress and advance in the organizational structure wherein associates find both vertical and lateral advancements in their areas of core competencies and interest career to greater heights. Personal Growth: In an organization which is rapidly growing and full of opportunities and challenges, the smart ones find a strong support and enhancement for personal growth in terms of knowledge, skill and their market value. Growth Environment: The organization is avowed to be a very fair employer and safeguarding the interest of all it stakeholder which includes it associates.

2. Leadership development

There is a huge amount of investment in terms of money, training, effort and time to groom deserving associates to assume higher level position. There has been a constant, rapid and large growth in terms of adding more businesses and having presence across geographies. This has brought out the need to have effective leaders who would assume these positions. Training in terms of advisory, execution abilities, leadership development, process training is a constant phenomenon based on the need.

3. Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

At AZTAR, we believe in empowerment of it associates and encourages entrepreneurship talent. Associates with entrepreneurial proclivity, with the support of the organization have set their own flourishing businesses. As an organization each individual in his capacity is empowered to take decisions and shape their performance which is backed up. This instils a lot of confidence in the associates who realize their potential and go beyond their perceived limits.